I'm a photographer who loves to capture moments that tell a story. It's always my goal to capture the true authenticity of a person. I believe the best way for that is to take candid photos of people being themselves. I'm discreet, but always ready to capture the moment so it doesn't vanish without a trace. 

I began my photography career as a photojournalist working for various newspapers on the East Coast. After traveling the country for a year, I settled in the Southwest and started my current photography company.

In addition to my wedding clients, I work for clients like Rolling Stone, Politico, The Guardian, Bloomberg, Cirque du Soleil, ESPN, Walmart, Southwest Airlines, Saveur, IBM, Sports Illustrated, IMG Worlwide and many others.


I offer a full array or photography services including portraits, events, onsite printing, photo booths, commercial and editorial photography. 

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